USCG Courses

Confident Captain/Ocean Pros is the only Captain's License training facility that operates full time in Rhode Island.

At Confident Captain/Ocean Pros, our instructors are seasoned professional mariners with vast experience on all types of vessels. Each instructor makes sure that class time consists of lecture, video, and hands on training such as marlinspike skills and navigation practice to ensure that mariners with different learning styles easily absorb the necessary material.

In order to become an excellent captain, you not only need plenty of experience on the water, but also an accomplished instructor for your course. Our staff and instructors will be with you every step of the way making sure that you get the most out of the course and are on a path toward success!

What course is right for you?

Confident Captain/Ocean Pros offers a full compliment of USCG-certified courses to a wide range of RYA classroom and online courses. The best way to choose a class is to first determine a goal; decide if you are looking to use your certification professionally or not, and then consider if you would benefit most from basic safety training, a Captain's/Yachtmaster course, or both! If you are interested in getting your Captain's license or professional Yachtmaster certification you need to initially figure out how much sea time you have and the tonnage of the boats on which you have it. If you decide that you would like to use your license professionally, you should consider what types of boats you would like to work on; specifically you will need to decide if you want a license that will allow you to captain United States or foreign-flagged vessels.

For those interested in working on US-flagged vessels, the United States Coast Guard courses will meet your needs. Please read about the OUPV (Six-Pack), Master 100GT, and Able Seaman to learn more. If you decide that you are interested in basic safety training and want to learn skills such as basic firefighting and personal survival techniques, please read about our STCW-10 course. For those interested in being able to captain foreign-flagged vessels up to 200GT, please read more about the Yachtmaster requirements. Please note that upon successful completion of these courses, the student will graduate with a professional certification.

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